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General Information

“A place is not only made of walls and furniture, a place is like a person as itself, conveying charm, authenticity, emotion, inviting to dream and to escape.”
Camille Schlick

Zawadi August - Camille  (69).jpg

Camille Schlick is a photographer based in Paje, Zanzibar. Her photography style can be compared as an invitation for a dream, aiming to reveal the imperceptible. Schlick photography services are diverse and cater to a variety of clients. Clients include hotels, restaurants, event organizers or even individuals looking for portraits or Instagram content. Schlick photography is not limited to Zanzibar, as Camille is willing to travel within Tanzania and abroad for her clients.


Schlick Photography expresses brand values and vision. Pictures of Camille aims to tell stories, through artistic, natural lighting and composition choices. Mastering shadows, movement, and authenticity takes a big place in Camille photography work.

Schlick Photography main points and values are:

  • Natural Light

  • Authenticity

  • Importance of Details

  • Movement and delicate gesture

  • Arousing Emotions

  • Playing with Shadows

  • Enhancing the “Art de Vivre” and “Art de Recevoir”

Thanda Island


Camille Schlick has an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry, having worked for some of the best hotels in marketing around the world - see About. As she gained more experience internationally, she began to notice that the photography used to showcase hotels often failed to capture the true essence of the properties and decided to create its own photography company: Schlick

Camille focuses her work on movement, life, details, graphic lines, design and emotions for each place. She is looking for creating an authentic lifestyle and attracting guests by arousing surprise and curiosity though each picture. Schlick Photography believes that creating feelings about a place by showcasing different angles and atmosphere is much more powerful than capturing pictures of every amenity provided.


She truly understands that hotel photography is a critical component of a hotel's marketing strategy. Indeed, today pictures tell more than words, such as a universal language that does not require translation, but a common sense: the eye, the aesthetic.

Schlick Photography considers hotel as a personality and this is why Camille will take a dedicated time to discuss with you about your hotel values and vision. Being hotel photographer is not only taking pictures of an arranged set up, it’s to appropriate a place as its own home to be able to sublimate it at best.

Dar Mar Restaurant
Doors to Zanzibar Restaurant


As a gastronomy lover, Camille will take a great pleasure to capture your restaurant life and to go further and to follow the whole process: from the garden until the clients’ plate.

Schlick Photography includes the dishes' presentation by the Chef, the menu items, the atmosphere, the décor of your place, as well the raw ingredients which is today as important as the final dish. Camille can also take photos of your staff and customers to give your restaurant a personal touch. Indeed she understands that human presence is at the core of the modern restaurant imagery.


Camille will listen carefully to your needs so that she can create the pictures matching and reflecting properly your place. See some examples Portfolio.

Slavko & Sasha - Zanzibar (7).jpg
Slavko & Sasha - Zanzibar (27).jpg


Camille's event photography services are ideal for those who want to capture all the emotions arousing during a special moment. Camille enjoys catching the happiness, excitement, smile and beauty of people. She is a sensitive and creative person and will understand which moment to take for creating the perfect memory.

Schlick Photography style is really pure, using natural light reflecting emotions of the present moment. For events, Camille enhances the light to boost the positive nature of it. She takes casual and natural portraits, depth of field.

Regarding the set up and decoration of your place, Camille will be as well delighted to take picture of it as Interior Design and Decoration photography is her specialty. She pays a great attention to details, textures, set up arrangement, color palette and light.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, a private party or any other type of occasion, Camille will do her best to catch and sublimate all the best moments of it. She remains at your entire disposal for any further information, especially for weddings.    



Camille has an ability to put her clients at ease, allowing them to relax and be themselves in front of the camera. You can explain or show some examples of what you wish to Camille and she will do her best to create pictures that suit to you. Camille’s portrait photography services are available for individuals, couples or families.


Eventually, Camille can move to do your shooting. She knows the island of Zanzibar very well and can advise you which places to choose according to the pictures you want (beach, sunset...).


NIMALI - 136.jpg


In today's social media-driven world, Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals. Camille can create Instagram content that is visually aesthetic and engaging. She can create reels, videos, and photos that capture the attention of your audience, helping you build your brand and increase your engagement.

Camille used to work in marketing for luxurious hotels and was handling their social media. She was managing as well individual instragram, such as the one of a well renowned MICHELIN Chef. Here an example of her work from the scratch for a Coworking Hostel in Zanzibar which opened recently: Dar Mar.


Schlick Photography is based in Paje, Zanzibar, but flexible and able to travel within Tanzania and abroad for its clients. Kindly note that additional travel fees applied. A shoot in France or in Europe is also possible as Camille regularly goes back and forth to Paris. 



Camille's pricing list is available on request. Her pricing includes a "consultation session", during which she works with her clients to understand their vision and requirements. She also includes post-production and editing services. Camille uses high quality photography equipment and her pricing is transparent, ensuring that her clients are aware of all the costs upfront. 

In conclusion, Camille Schlick is passionate about photography and is always looking for ways to capture ath best the light, emotions of a place, of an event or a person. 


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